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Be a Patron of the Pod

Do you identify as a Table Leg? Maybe you think yourself a Stage Hand? Well, now you can make it official!

By contributing as a Table to Stage Patron, you will be supporting the effort that goes into the show, as well as providing a platform for creativity in your neighborhood! Also, it will help prevent to need for me to take advertising dollars in the future to keep this thing running.

Be a Table Leg for just $1 per month. Your monthly contribution will allow early access to upcoming guests, giving you a chance not only to know who will be on the show in the future, but to be able to ask specific questions about the topics coming up. Be a part of the show for only $.25 per episode.

Be a Stage Hand for just $5 per month. Stage Hands get the same perks as the Table Legs, but since you do more of the heavy lifting back stage you also get a little more access behind the scenes. Video and audio not available to the public or to lower Patron tiers will be available. You’ll get advance access to episodes before they hit the public feed. And, when the merch starts rolling out you’ll receive exclusive discounts and special pricing on all of it. And, yeah there’s more! You’ll get discounted admission to any Table to Stage LIVE shows (those should become an actual thing later in 2019).

If we can get enough Patron supporters we’ll start planning regular live shows, which will be Patron-only invitation, free of charge.

So visit Patreon to share your money … I mean, support, with the pod!

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