Encounter Party! with Brian David Judkins and Ned Donovan


Brian David Judkins and Ned Donovan are the creative team behind Encounter Party! – a collaborative Dungeons and Dragons-bases storytelling podcast featuring a cast of professional voice actors and comedians. And it’s an incredible exercise in precision and planning. Whether you’re familiar with the actual play podcast world or not, you’ve never heard anything quite like Encounter Party! Get a behind-the-scenes look (listen?) at what it takes to build a community around a story.


Additional music by Alexander Nakarada, Serpentine Studios


Ukiyo-Pop artwork of Brian David Judkins www.ukiyopop.com

Charging Moose Media, Ned Donovan www.chargingmoosemedia.com

Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: the Gathering property of Wizards of the Coast

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