Scott Wasserman, Hamilton, Ableton, Evan Hansen, and more!

It’s episode 50! :::drops a funky beat::: How does a local, theater-loving, son of a teacher and a musician grow up to be an #Ableton Programmer and an orchestrator? Well, apparently by accident. Scott Wasserman stumbled into learning the Ableton system while working on a small project called #Hamilton. But he worked REALLY REALLY hard to get that lucky break, and has worked with some of #Broadway’s most iconic figures, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alex Lacamoire, and Alan Menken. Scott is also the co-host of one of my favorite #podcasts, Song Salad, with his long time friend, lyricist Shannon Deep. Scott recently put up his first full orchestration of an original musical with “Austen’s Pride” which is running through April 14. Visit ACT of CT for ticket information. You can see what else Scott has been up to at – including #DearEvanHansen and #TheGreatComet.

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